Before I am a photographer, I am a daughter, a sister, an auntie, a friend. Maybe that's why I cry during every father daughter dance. I laugh at every toast. I well up when an Officiant pronounces a couple husband and wife. I buzz with joy chasing children around the playground. I feel awe when a newborn's tiny hand clutches my pinky finger. I draw from the emotions I have experienced through my own life's most precious moments to know when and how to capture those of others, and I usually can't help feeling overwhelmed myself! The emotional rush I feel when I'm behind the camera is what makes me love what I do. The joy I bring others through photography is what makes me do what I love.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jessica and Brian :: Engaged!

On Sunday evening, I headed out to Ellicott City to meet up with Jessica and Brian for their engagement session. I can't believe after all these years living in the DC area I'd never been to Ellicott City before - it is such a cute town! It was so fun to explore a new area and I can't wait to go back up there again.

We headed over to on old abandoned factory on the edge of the historic area of Ellicott City and grabbed some of my favorite images from the day.

This next series is also one of my favorites. These doorways were perfect and I just love how this series turned out.

Jessica and Brian brought along their adorable dog, Sebastian. What a cutie!

Check out the rest of the session in the slideshow!

It was so fun hanging out with you guys! Can't wait for your wedding in October!


Susan Solo said...

Aw! Love these. The doorway shots are just too cute! Perfect find.

Jonathon Campbell said...

These images are beautiful. I love the feeling that you captured. Great Work!

Sarah Hodzic said...

Post is awesome on these Jess!
I love the feel of the locations as well.
They are a great contrast to the sweetness between the couple!
Great work!!

Kim said...

holy cow jess...these are delicious! LOVE them!

Deanna Kaye Photography said...

Awesome images, Jessica! LOVE that they brought their adorable dog :) How cute!

Anonymous said...

yay! These are gorgeous! Really really great images and really really great post processing! See you soon!

eric benjamin said...

love the industrial look, the color is gorgeous. Your logo is sweet on every picture - how'd you do that?

hal mccall photography said...

Very creative! I really like what you did with the industrial area - very cool!

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