Before I am a photographer, I am a daughter, a sister, an auntie, a friend. Maybe that's why I cry during every father daughter dance. I laugh at every toast. I well up when an Officiant pronounces a couple husband and wife. I buzz with joy chasing children around the playground. I feel awe when a newborn's tiny hand clutches my pinky finger. I draw from the emotions I have experienced through my own life's most precious moments to know when and how to capture those of others, and I usually can't help feeling overwhelmed myself! The emotional rush I feel when I'm behind the camera is what makes me love what I do. The joy I bring others through photography is what makes me do what I love.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Being an Auntie :: It's been too long since I showed off my nieces and nephews!

Okay, it's been way too long since I've given an update on my adorable nieces and nephews! Hold on, it's kind of a long post, but I couldn't narrow down which pictures to share!

In March, I headed to Cleveland for Scarlet's first birthday. It was a real treat because my sisters came in from out of town too. It is rare that we are all in the same place at the same time, so it was a special couple of days.

Isn't Scarlet the cutest!? I just adore these pictures of her with the gerber daisy.

Here she is with my Grampa, who turned 97 a few weeks prior. They are both doing Grampa's signature "thumbs up" pose!

Eating her birthday cake with Grampa (my dad). Grancy made Scarlet her very own little cake.

I think I've been a neglectful aunt and have failed to introduce my newest nephew Patrick to my dear blog readers until now. This is Justine's sweet baby brother... now 8 months old and just making his first appearance on the blog. He is the sweetest little boy! I'm headed out to visit Patrick, Justine and my sister and brother-in-law for the 4th of July and can't wait to see them again!

Just look at that smile and those great eyes! He's going to be a heartbreaker for sure.

Tate is so fun and full of joy! I love playing hide-n-go-seek with him!

Pretty Justine...

When Scarlet met Patrick...

I love how she tried to share her ball with him.

How sad is this? Here's the best picture of the 4 of them together that I got. And only Patrick is looking at the camera. The kids just want Auntie to play! Justine is always making me put my camera away! But I love it - because it captures the chaos of the day. And it makes me laugh!

I do love this picture of Justine. I think it really captures her spirit. She was so excited to play with a "real" microphone.

Just hanging out, sitting on Grampa's knee.

I love this sweet picture of Scarlet sleeping in her Gramma's arms (my mom).


Grace said...

Oh Jess, I love all of these photos. It's so nice to re-live the wonderful time with all the cousins together! Scarlet loved being with her cousins so much she didn't notice me at all--ha ha! Now when she sees photos of Tate, Justine & Patrick, she says their names and signs "more, more" She'll see all your photos tomorrow and do that, I'm certain! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous moments!

Sarah Hodzic said...

Awww Jess, looks like you had a fantastic time with the family!

Great photos!

Stacey Wight said...

Love the photo with your Grandpa and the thumbs up - that's definitely a great moment to remember and look back upon.

Airika Pope said...

I love the mic pic of Justine too. Watch out world! :)

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