Before I am a photographer, I am a daughter, a sister, an auntie, a friend. Maybe that's why I cry during every father daughter dance. I laugh at every toast. I well up when an Officiant pronounces a couple husband and wife. I buzz with joy chasing children around the playground. I feel awe when a newborn's tiny hand clutches my pinky finger. I draw from the emotions I have experienced through my own life's most precious moments to know when and how to capture those of others, and I usually can't help feeling overwhelmed myself! The emotional rush I feel when I'm behind the camera is what makes me love what I do. The joy I bring others through photography is what makes me do what I love.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Theresa & Kevin :: Married!

Theresa and Kevin's beach wedding was simply gorgeous. It was held on a beautiful day at the Chesapeake Beach Resort and Spa in Chesapeake Beach, Maryland. Theresa & Kevin and many of their guests traveled from Pittsburgh, PA for a weekend of fun and relaxation.

Theresa was stunning and gorgeous.

I love this photo that my good friend Armin caught of Theresa walking down the aisle. Thanks so much Armin for coming out to photograph this wedding with me! (And a few more pictures from Theresa & Kevin's wedding can be seen on Armin's Blog!)

Another favorite shot of Armin's!

Theresa & Kevin had this gorgeous German Wedding Cup for their toast. (I did a quick google search and you can find them here.) The story goes that a wealthy father of the bride did not approve of his daughter's choice of a less than wealthy groom. The father told the groom-to-be that if he could design a cup where two people could drink from it at the same time without spilling a drop, the poor groom could marry his daughter. And so the ingenious groom designed the cup you see here. I just love it - the story, the gorgeous cup, and the something special it added to Theresa & Kevin's day.

Towards the end of the night, Kevin grabbed my camera and turned it on me with Theresa. And then Theresa wanted a turn and got a fun picture of Kevin and I. Thanks for all the laughs and fun!

Check out more fun and favorites in the slideshow!

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Wow... You have been busy! Just scrolled down your blog and once again I am so blown away with all of your images. Just amazing!

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