Before I am a photographer, I am a daughter, a sister, an auntie, a friend. Maybe that's why I cry during every father daughter dance. I laugh at every toast. I well up when an Officiant pronounces a couple husband and wife. I buzz with joy chasing children around the playground. I feel awe when a newborn's tiny hand clutches my pinky finger. I draw from the emotions I have experienced through my own life's most precious moments to know when and how to capture those of others, and I usually can't help feeling overwhelmed myself! The emotional rush I feel when I'm behind the camera is what makes me love what I do. The joy I bring others through photography is what makes me do what I love.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

5 Sweet Little Boys

At the end of December, I had the absolute joy and privilege to photography my friend (and college roommate) Danielle and her family when the converged from (literally) all ends of the earth for Christmas in Maryland. Danielle is currently living in the UK, her sister Colleen lives in Singapore with her husband and 2 children, her parents live in Massachusetts, and her older sister Liesel lives in Maryland with her husband and 3 boys.

Danielle has so much fun playing auntie to these 5 adorable boys. I had a blast hanging out and playing with each of them.

There are so many fun pictures and I just couldn't post them all, so please do check out the slideshow!


Sarah Hodzic said...

WOW Jess! I love that first photo. The light is just awesome.

At first I thought all 5 boys were from one family! Phew, that would be quite a handful. :D

Great shots, they look like a fun group.

Orchard Cove Photography said...

What a fun session!! It's always great to have so many people to work with. Thanks for your offer of support - I'll let you know. Hope to see you at WPPI!

scott anderson said...

I really enjoy following your work Jessica..and these images are great!

Clark Production said...

Great shots. I really like the second shot - great lighting and depth of field. :)

- Spencer Clark

Renee Marquis said...

Nice family photos and what sweet lighting!

Lisa Stein said...

Those are so great, you covered all the major combinations! Love the cousins shot, and they actually co-ordinted and showed up in the same color, that's a feat in itself! (we try every year, it never happens).
I love doing cousin shots, they're precious, we try to do every year on each side of family, they all grow so fast. Great to see sisters too, and the parents look timeless in b&w. You nailed the entire group shot too. Nothing like a bunch of squiggly kids, that's part of the mix! This family is going to be so thrilled with these pictures for YEARS and YEARS to come! Hope they can do it again...Great work handling all the masses!

JennLink Photography said...

The shot of the 5 boys is so timeless, it will definitely be treasured with the family for generations!

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