Before I am a photographer, I am a daughter, a sister, an auntie, a friend. Maybe that's why I cry during every father daughter dance. I laugh at every toast. I well up when an Officiant pronounces a couple husband and wife. I buzz with joy chasing children around the playground. I feel awe when a newborn's tiny hand clutches my pinky finger. I draw from the emotions I have experienced through my own life's most precious moments to know when and how to capture those of others, and I usually can't help feeling overwhelmed myself! The emotional rush I feel when I'm behind the camera is what makes me love what I do. The joy I bring others through photography is what makes me do what I love.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

PUG - Pictage User Group!

Each month I get together with a fabulous group of local photographers at our PUG meeting, hosted by MBK & Associates. Pictage is the professional lab that provides the outstanding prints and online proofing that I love so much. One of the best things I have gotten out of Pictage is the amazing community of photographers that Pictage really fosters.

This month, we all brought our cameras and went on a shoot out around Bethesda, Maryland. I thought I'd share a few of my favorite shots from the evening.

First up is Jennifer - she just moved to the DC Area this month from Kentucky.

Next up is Heather - isn't this a great wall? We found it down a little stairwell and it was just too good to pass up!

And last, but not least, here's Tiffany! Tiffany and Heather are sisters-in-law (Tiffany married Heather's brother) who run a wedding photography business together out of Frederick, Maryland.


erich camping said...

Very Hip Jessica!!

Angela Anderson Photography said...

Hey Jessica! I just found your blog (finally!).

Your photo of Jennifer!!! Oh I miss her down her in Kentucky so much. DC/Virginia is lucky to have her! Now I am going to have to go up that direction to visit both of you!

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